SeaMac Shipping Inc is your best choice for customs house broker and freight forwarder service in the port of Charleston, SC. Our highly trained staff is devoted to helping you with your shipping needs. The fastest service with minimal cost to the customer is Seamac’s highest priority. 

Please keep informed about new ISF rules by following this link to US Customs: ISF INFORMATION

A few of our services for you can include: Customs Broker, Freight Forwarding, Supply Chain Consulting, Shipping Insurance, Door to Door Supply Chain Management, Domestic Shipping.

As your customs broker we are dedicated to ensuring your freight move through customs with speed and ease. We strive for expedited service to deliver your shipment on time and hassle free. 

As your Freight Forwarder we will constantly update services and rates to assure you the best value possible. We are not LOCKED IN to one or two contracts! 

Join the C TPAT program: CTPAT 

Track your cargo with the port of Charleston using this link: Cargo Inquiries